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Assiah's Liver Fund is a nonprofit organization that works to


communities of color and it's youth about organ and tissue donation and transplantation.

Curriculum Based Education:


Children's Activity Book & Reading Book


To fulfill our curriculum based educational objectives we have published and released the first ever children's transplant book that fulfills the national early childhood literacy standards for readers k-2nd grade. The book focuses on educating children about organ and tissue donation while empowering students by engaging them in community outreach that impacts the lives of waiting recipients. 

In addition to the transplant book we have also developed a children's activity book that highlights professional careers in transplantation. This book is used as a resource to introduce child of color to an industry that has largely progressed due to professional contributions by people of color. The visionary goal of this book is to increase the number of professionals of color and close the gap in disparities between ethnic groups. 



 As part of our mission and community outreach, we take a three part approach:

1. Working with organizations within the faith based, healthcare, mental health, educational and nonprofit industries to produce resources that educate, engage and empower communities of color about organ donation and organ transplantation. 


2. Engage families affected by pediatric organ failure by providing them with resources, support and materials that explain the transplantation process to their child.


3. Educate people of color who are greatly impacted by organ failure and the process of organ donation. 


Our goal is to create a more informed community to increase the number of organ donated by people of color and to decrease the number of people in communities of color effected by organ failure in addition to increasing the number of medical professional of color in the transplant industry. 

We use four strategies to Engage, Educate and Empower:

  1. Curriculum Based Education

  2. Products that Promote a Healthy Donor Lifestyle

  3. Creative & Performing Arts

  4. Mental Health Workshops

Gift of Life, 23rd Annual Donor Dash 

Philadelphia PA 2017

Healthy Donor Lifestyle Initiative


Liver-Aid Lemonade

Our book program was followed by the development of our "Liver-Aid Lemonade" a initiative used to promote and brand healthy life style choices. Historically lemons have been used as a natural detox for the blood and liver promoting overall good health. This product creates healthy choices that raise awareness about organ and tissue donation further impressing upon our community the importance of donation and living a healthy "donor lifestyle". ​


Most generous organ donating region.

Creative & Performing Arts


Puppet Show

Puppetry as a form of Psychotherapy is not a new phenomenon. Examples of practitioners using puppets for social change are Gary Friedman (Australia; HIV and prison projects), Diana Chiles (USA; Children in Hospitals), and Joanne F. Vizzini (USA; private practice). Source: Therapeutic Puppetry. In an effort to educate the public our book is being translated into a live puppet musical that entertains and engages adults and children of all ages. It is the first ever production of its kind to incorporate visual performing arts in the education of organ and tissue donation and transplantation. Helping children and families to better understand the physical, psychological and emotional impact organ failure and transplantation has on children and their families. 

Mental Health Workshops


P.E.R.M.I.T : Pediatric Engagement with Recurring Medical and Institutional Trauma 

According to the National Institute of Mental Health, people who are afflicted by chronic illness are at greater risk to commit acts of suicide or suffer from depression. In an effort to foster a more healthy and thriving social atmosphere for pediatric transplant patients and to improve their overall mental health, we have developed a educational training program to equip parents, caregivers, advocates, educators and medical professionals with the tools they need to assess, educate, intervene and prevent mental health trauma in the home, medical and institutional setting. 


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